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What Makes A Great Diamond Jeweler?

What Makes A Great Diamond Jeweler?

Diamonds are sophisticated, exquisite and are associated with love, strength, and health.

One more thing: they don’t come cheap. As such, you only want to purchase diamond jewellery from a good, reputable jeweller. This is one way to ensure you make the most of your investment.

But what makes a great diamond jeweller? Here are some pointers.

1. Communication

Communication is critical whether you are looking for a spanking new piece or to repair beloved diamond jewellery you love.

A good jeweller is happy to share information openly and to be transparent about their processes, products, sourcing, and timelines. For repairs and customised pieces, a credible jeweller will also communicate clearly about their billing.

2. Ethical Sourcing

The jewellery industry has, in recent years, been placed under scrutiny for unethical practices. These include environmental damage and human rights violations.

This is where the issue of sourcing, specifically ethical sourcing, comes in. Ethically sourced diamonds are extracted and treated with respect for human rights. This means avoiding diamonds from conflict-torn countries and humane treatment of workers.

Another aspect of ethical sourcing is ensuring mining is done with minimal environmental degradation, and that land and water sources are protected.

The third one is traceability. Great diamond jewellers have instituted processes to trace their diamonds from the mine to their stores. This traceability should ensure they are not conflict diamonds, nor are they linked to any unethical or illegal activities.

3. Certification

Certification is fundamental in any skilled craft. After all, how else do you know who is well-qualified and who isn't?

When you walk into a jewellery store, the attendants should be able to show you their certification, though most stores have this displayed on their walls.

Renowned jewellers like Le-Diamant have generational experience and are fully accredited and certified. This certification and accreditation mean the jeweller can evaluate, sell, and even make befitting recommendations for the best jewelry for different occasions.

4. Knowledgeable

Great diamond jewellers have expert knowledge in multiple aspects of jewellery making, from cuts to designs, aftercare, and repair. 

Some of this knowledge comes from years of hands-on experience working with diamonds. When you walk into a jewellery store, you want to find someone you can describe your vision to, understand it, and tell you whether what you have in mind can be actualised.

5. Consultative

You can either buy ready-made diamond jewellery or have customised pieces made for you. The latter requires a bit of back and forth as you need to work hand in hand with the jewellery to get the final product.

Great jewellers are consultative and will involve you at multiple points of the process. This willingness to consult you and get your insights brings you a step closer to getting what you want.

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