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Seasonal Trends in Jewellery

Seasonal Trends in Jewellery

Accessorising your outfits with classic jewellery pieces is a surefire way to make a positive first impression.

Read on to discover how to arm yourself with the perfect seasonal accessories.

Best Jewellery for Summer

Warm and sunny, summer gives off exciting vibes, prompting you to throw on light, airy outfits to ride out the hot weather. You'll want custom jewellery that complements your breezy fashion and amplifies your cooler side.

Pearl earrings, hand-crafted shell necklaces and beautiful gemstones can effortlessly transform your bland summer outfits into eye-catching resort looks to turn heads everywhere you go. If you're on a beach vacation, we recommend dangly drops decorated with seashells and a matching bracelet to show appreciation for the natural beauty around you.

Best Jewellery for Fall

Fall arrives after the hot summers, presenting cold, long months that call for cosy sweaters, blazers and scarves. This is the perfect time to add long necklaces and short, chunky bracelets and chains to your jewellery box.

When choosing your jewellery colours, opt for warmer options like orange, yellow, orange, and dark green.

Feel free to match your pieces to layer your look. For example, small chunky hoop earrings pair well with thick matching chains. You can also wear a brooch and a ring to take your style to the next level.

Best Jewellery for Winter

Finding the perfect jewellery for winter can be challenging with all the warm clothing. But it doesn't mean you can't get it right. Pair your neutral outfits with deep reds, bright greens, sparkling blues and emerald purples.

White pearl jewellery looks terrific when worn with muted winter colours. You shouldn't limit yourself to one colour, though. Shades like pink and black can also complement your outfit.

Of course, you must consider the occasion when choosing your winter jewellery. For instance, simple stud earrings are suitable for parties—they enhance your comfort so you can dance the night away.

Best Jewellery for Spring

Spring comes with plenty of sunshine and beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. Take advantage of this warm season to wear more floral jewellery inspired by nature. Add timeless silver chandelier earrings, bracelets and necklaces to your collection. Arm cuffs are also an excellent way to help you stand out and feel like a Greek warrior or the nearly unbeatable Wonder Woman.

It's best to go big in spring. Wear chunky bangles and dangles to achieve that unapologetic, bold look. We also propose cocktail rings, jumbo pearls, and beautiful shoulder-skimming earrings with crystals for this season.

Upgrade Your Jewellery Collection

Wearing unique jewellery is the most practical way to ensure you look dashing all year round. At Le-Diamant, we're the best jewellers in Hornsby and can provide timeless pieces for every season, regardless of your taste or budget. Call us at 0455 945 559 to know more.