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3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Ring

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Ring

Shopping for wedding and engagement rings can be both thrilling and challenging—especially if you don’t know what exactly you (or your partner) want.

Generally, you want something that represents your love and commitment. But with so many settings, styles, and materials, finding your perfect ring can seem daunting.

With proper considerations, you can get the right ring for you and your special person. Here are three crucial things to consider when shopping for rings.

What’s the Occasion?

Your ring choice will mainly be influenced by the occasion, as every occasion has different choices. It could be a wedding, engagement, or just a ring to make a promise to someone. You should choose a ring that’s appropriate for the occasion.

Here are various types of rings based on occasion;

  • Engagement rings: When someone agrees to marry you, you’ll give them an engagement ring. Traditionally, engagement rings are given by men to women and represent the promise of a future marriage. A diamond engagement ring will often feature a diamond or other gemstone.
  • Wedding rings: Compared to engagement rings, wedding rings have a simple design and symbolise commitment between married couples. They may feature a diamond or other gemstones.
  • Anniversary rings: If you’re celebrating a significant milestone in a relationship, an anniversary ring might come in handy.

Ring Setting

Setting refers to how gemstones are mounted or set into a metal band. It is an essential consideration because it affects the look and value of the ring. The ring setting highlights the beauty of the gemstone.

Some of the most popular ring settings include;

  • Channel setting: Diamonds are set within two parallel metal walls inside the band. The setting is common in anniversary and wedding bands.
  • Bezel setting: Features a rim holding the larger stone and surrounding the gem. The setting can have straight or scalloped edges or be moulded into desired shapes to accommodate the stone.
  • Prong setting: This is a traditional ring setting with a single diamond in a traditional, plain mounting with four or six prongs.
  • Cluster setting: The larger centre stone is surrounded by several smaller stones.

Marquise cut diamonds are fairly popular than other cuts like cushion or round diamonds. Moreover, a solitaire engagement ring will be more expensive.


Rings are made of different materials, impacting their durability, appearance, and cost. Common metals used in jewellery include platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, titanium, and silver.

Your choice of ring metal will affect the ring style and how much maintenance it needs. Generally, you want a metal that will stand the test of time. This will also depend on how much you’re willing to spend on your ring.

For devouring beloved diamond rings, here are a few things to consider;

  • Diamond shape
  • Diamond clarity
  • Diamond quality
  • Carat weight
  • Diamond cut

Emerald-cut diamonds are less expensive than round-cut diamonds.

Final thoughts

While shopping for a ring can seem like an exciting experience, it’s more complicated than you think. You must consider various factors, including the ring size, setting, feel, and type of metal.

Most importantly, remember the occasion at hand—is it a wedding, anniversary, or engagement ring shopping? Luckily, there’s a choice for every need, occasion, and budget. You just have to find your dream ring.