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Le-Diamant is a jewellery retail store with an in-house master jewellerty available for all of your precious needs and wants. Contact the top jewellers in Horsnby, NSW.

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Choose The Right Ring With The Expertise & Advice From Certified Diamond Specialists

Timeless Collections

Our range of jewellery always tests the time. Your pick with our help will be carried for many years and shine ever brighter.

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Generational Experience & Wide Range

We offer some of the best jewellery available in Australian market as well as provide expert jewellery repair services. If you are in Hornsby, pay us a visit.

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When choosing the right jewellery for you, make sure you work with only the certified, knowledgeable and experts which pay attention to you. We make sure that every experience matters and the items you choose help add value indefintely.

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Tailored For You

We have access to a wide range of jewellery. If you can't find it, we can make it for you! Our in-house master jeweller will attend to all of your needs and wants.

Great Client Feedback

With our generational experience, you can be rest assured that you will always receive best customer care, meaningful insights and prompt response.

Competitive Rates

We always offer competitive rates. With a top notch supply chain and great relationship with our suppliers, we can offer competitive rates without sacrificing quality.